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Do you have a sinking feeling you’re paying too much in tax? You’re not alone. According to David Ramsey, “Every year, more than 2 million taxpayers overpay their income taxes—and we’re not talking about pocket change”. Forbes says 93% of business owners overpay their taxes – even those with high dollar CPAs. Most tax advisors just don’t know or care about all the opportunities in the 70,000 page tax rules, and their clients can pay dearly because of it. What could that mean to you and your family? For business owners, it means there’s a 93% chance you are bleeding needless family wealth by paying way too much tax.  Even the Federal Government acknowledges business owners overpay by $50B each year! A CPA and tax lawyer writing for Kiplinger’s attributes this to CPA ignorance, laziness, and poor tax planning. If you’re an investor or own a business, it’s virtually certain you are wasting wealth because of poor tax advice, but probably don’t even know it.

Are you overpaying and just don’t know it? On virtually every tax return we’ve examined for new clients, we’ve found dropped balls. Time after time, we see the old tax preparer had big opportunities to save tax that were completely missed. Could this be happening to you? Click here to find out about how our FREE CPA assessment could reveal the secrets to unlocking hidden wealth for you and your family. The best tax advice can be the difference between being successful…& getting really rich – find out if you’re missing out.

Many successful families are woefully underserved when it comes to tax reduction advice that works. If you’re successful, odds are you’re in the small percentage paying nearly 75% of all US income taxes…If you’re not using the smartest techniques, you & your family could still be leaving a huge fortune on the table….

Business owners, professionals, investors & family offices…
If you’re like many successful taxpayers, you could be overpaying by hundreds of thousands or even millions in legitimately avoidable tax each year. The Internal Revenue Code is incredibly complex, and often even expensive accountants and advisors routinely miss powerful opportunities to save big tax. But, this complexity can offer huge payoffs for those with the right information & advice. If you’re like most of the folks we talk to, you could be leaving a real fortune on the table and never even know it.

Is ineffective tax strategy bleeding your legacy? 
Smart tax planning is the easiest way to grow income and wealth. The difference in compound wealth growth without the drag of excessive taxation can be extraordinary. How much richer would your family get if some or most of what you pay each year in taxes went to investments instead? How much better could you live? Too often, tax advisors – even expensive and high-profile ones – are blind to these opportunities, and their clients are needlessly subjected to massive, avoidable taxes that throttle their wealth and wilt their legacies.

Could you unknowingly be leaving millions of family wealth on the tax table?
We have saved successful families literally tens of millions in avoidable taxation, using mainstream, accepted, time-honored techniques. Such techniques are well-known at the “best practices” level, but often completely unknown to tax advisors of even extremely wealthy families. Chances are high you could be missing significant tax-savings opportunities as well. If you suspect you may be paying more than your legal share,
click here for a FREE initial evaluation by confidential telephone call. We’ll be able to quickly determine potential opportunities, and the right strategy to explore them.